7 Day Set ASB Sampler Pack

7 Day Set ASB Sampler Pack
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Included by popular demand: The Ultimate Aftershave Balm Sampler. So you know there's at least one scent you like, but you don't know about the others? Try them all with our 7 Day Set Aftershave Balm Sampler Pack.

The best bang for your buck is still is our 4oz tub size, but this is a great way to try them all.  Includes a mini tub of each of our regular scents: Bodega, Boheme, Calabria, Calypso, Goodfellas, Palermo and Saigon, each tub contains 1/4 oz of our Traditional formula Jubilee, "Scent of the Month" or "custom Scents" are not included. Currently this sampler is not available in our "Light" formula. You can now add a sample of Jubilee to your 7 Day Set ASB Sampler Pack.

Note: razor displayed in the photo is not included, and shown as a reference for product size.

 Please see our other shaving products, our Shaving Cream is outstanding and provides incredible value. Our NEW Sapone da Barba is exceptional. We also offer Pre Shave oils in matching scents. We also offer a Calypso After Shave Splash and Body Wash.

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