After Shave Balms

Our After Shave Balms are designed to complement our Shaving Cream matching any scent in the line and customs, please contact us about your requests and essential oil availability before you order. The After Shave Balms are made with natural ingredients and are paraben free. We do not use harmful chemicals. However, we use a mild FDA approved preservative in our After Shave Balm due to the high water content of this product. Contains: Water, glycerin, shea butter, jojoba oil, castor oil, coconut oil and botanical essential oils and now with Witch Hazel (08/30/14).For best results we recommned to use the equivalent of 2 drops per shave. Content 2 oz. Mantic mentioned our After Shave Balm in his Journal. Now available in our NEW! reformulated (05/30/14) "light" formula, with the consistency of a body lotion and witch hazel for those that prefer good nourishment, quick skin penetration, a lighter barrier and the benefits of witch hazel. Produced with the same ingredients and quality as our traditional formula . Traditional formula offered in 2 and 4 oz tubs.

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