Sapone da Barba

 Al's Shaving Sapone da Barba is a rebatched soft soap that has a very soft consistency and superb solubility. This new formula is designed for people that crave the feedback that only a soap can provide. Made with coconut oil and salts of long and medium chain fatty acids for the creamiest lather in addition to water, glycerin and botanical essential oils. The scents of our Sapone da Barba are created with some of the most luxurious essential oils available, spearing no expense and combined with a more laborious craftmanship result in a true gem. Al's Shaving Sapone da Barba provides exceptional glide and comfort for the closest irritation-free shaves. Offered in 4 oz tins (by volume). Since its original release, our sapone da Barba has accumulated numerous accolades for its performance and classic scents. Tin contents may settle overtime.